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Festivalito Rural  2019


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Tango Holidays with Alja & Sašo

To register for Tango Holidays or edition, please send an email to Alja.


It is only possible to register for the whole festivalito: we don't sell tickets for individual milongas.

Milonga pass (85 €)


Partner (not required, but appreciated):

Tango classes

You can only register for the whole day. You can only register with a partner: please write down the name of your partner for each workshop. (Please, do not enter 'have no partner yet' or similar here, as we will not consider this a valid registration.) The partner must register as well, and write you as his/her partner.

Friday: "Musical Awareness" (90 min, 25 €)

Saturday: "Good morning bodywork" (60 min, 10 €)

Saturday: "Crazy crosses for Milonga" (180 min, 50 €)

Sunday: "Entradas for the social dance" (180 min, 50 €)



I'm arriving on and leaving on . (Accommodation is of the half board type: breakfast and dinner are included.)

Will you join the on-site participants for a dinner at the venue? (15 € per dinner)
Will you stay for the last dinner? (15 €)
Thursday (after conference) Friday (outdoor grill) Saturday Sunday (the last supper)

Special dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies):

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I can sleep in a shorter bed (180 cm):   

In case none of the accommodation types chosen above is available, I will arrange my own (off-site) accommodation.


I agree to the following conditions:
  • After accepting you to Festivalito, we will ask you to make an advance payment at most two weeks after receiving the notification. You will receive the payment instructions over email. Payment is only possible via bank transfer.
  • Cancellation policy: for cancellations until (and incuding) July 31 we will return 50 % of the payment; after this date, the payment is non-refundable. We're really sorry to introduce such harsh policy, but it is very difficult to find appropriate last-minute replacements, especially for classes.

Total:  €

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  • with 2nd alternative ():  €
  • with 3rd alternative ():  €
  • with 4th alternative ():  €
  • with 5th alternative ():  €
  • without on-site accommodation:  €

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