Welcome to Tango Holidays with Alja & Sašo, an intensive workshop where you put your everyday worries aside and immerse yourself in tango!

Tango počitnice z Aljo & Sašotom

We organize Tango Holidays several times per year. The winter and the summer edition take place in Veržej, Slovenia. The summer editions stick to our Festivalito Rural, a perfect oppurtunity to combine learning tango with pure tango pleasure! These are the upcoming Tango Holidays in Veržej:

Since May 2019, we offer a new form of Tango Holidays at a new location! The Intimate Karst Edition 2019, taking place on May 26 – 30, just before encuentro milonguero Dias de Juventud in Ljubljana, consists of three days of shared private classes in Slovenian Karst, close to the seaside.