Alja, Sašo and Blaž, ambassadors of embrace, invite you to:

Milonga en Movimiento

April 8, 2017

We invite you to join us at a very special Milonga en Movimiento, organized in in cooperation with TANGOISTRA Lucio&Bojana and Tango de Salon Graz, which will take place in a place familiar to many tangueros and tangueras: Palazzo Manzioli in Izola, Slovenia. See you on Saturday, April 8 2017, at 10pm! We'll be dancing to Alja's music until 2:30am.

Next teaching stops of Alja&Sašo

Alja's DJing stops

  • 31 March - 1 April 2017, Graz, Austria: workshop weekend with Melina & Detlef, organized by Tango de Salón, Graz
  • 8 April 2017, Izola, Slovenia: Milonga an Movimiento, co-organised by Milonguero?Sí! and TANGOISTRA Lucio&Bojana, in cooperation with Tango de Salón, Graz
  • 14 April - 16 April 2017, Mouscron, Belgium: Tango Friends Meeting
  • 16 June - 18 June 2017, Saarbrucken, Germany: festivalito milonguero Pequeña